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Our approach is simple

Localised Relief

For over-worked-out and fatigued muscles and joints, discover our uniquely powerful targeted Relief Balm.

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Body & Mind Relief
Post-exercise Relief

For post-exercise muscle recovery, discover our bath salts specially formulated to calm muscles.

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Your wellbeing first.

We believe in the powerful virtues of nature for health. 

At WholyMe quality is not just a passion it is an obsession. From growing to harvesting and extracting botanicals we demand the highest care, using advanced extraction techniques that preserve the plants raw properties.

Our Difference

Natural Pain Cream & Sport Recovery Lotion
  • All Natural

    Free From: GMOs, synthetics, petrochemicals, sulfates, parabens, additives, preservatives.
  • Highly Effective

    Our formulations use evidence-based ingredients, which are tested for potency.
  • Certified Organic

    From seed to shelf: we demand the highest standards of quality and purity for you. All our products are organic certified.
  • Nothing Unnecessary

    Everything we offer has a purpose: all ingredients serve to soothe body and mind and our ultra violet glass preserves the integrity of our formulas.

As a professional trainer, I put my body under a lot of stress daily. I use WholyMe Relief Drops to help me relax. The drops are really effective and I feel regenerated in the morning.


A powerfully caring brand

Born from a personal experience, WholyMe serves to soothe body and mind.

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